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Recently, ah no, always, I am obsessed with watching SMAP in the animal series, where SMAP as animals.My ambition is to collect all animal characters of SMAP. However, that is not an easy task at all regarding the huge number of skits SMAP. :D
This time, is Captain. I am trying to find other characters of SMAP. So far, in my mind, I can think of Nakai-kun as terote arena, Tsuyoshi as the bear(in the zoo), chihuahua, goat, Kimura as P-chan, O-chan, Mr.Dog ... Can't remember anything more now.

If you know, please suggest me. I am trying to make the collection of SMAP animal characters.  My memory is always a mess when it is needed:) 
I made sub of two clips so far. I don't know whether anyone has made English subtitle for those two clips or not. Anyway, I take this as part of my attempt to study Japanese:D

2 clips I made English subCollapse )Read more...Collapse )



Well, ranting again after a long break.

Rant. Collapse )rant...Collapse )

SMAP~ random 1

Only 23 seconds can make a girl like me hanging the smile all day :) How can they are so cute and silly like that :X I like the quirkiness of this clip :) It's just like a short CM , who makes me crack up after a exhausting and stressful day :)

Obsession named 2TOP

My obsession is a sin. YES! It has such good timing.
Although I am fully aware that my holiday ends now, and I have to go to school tomorrow, oh wait, today (it's 4:31 AM already)~ ~ *headshake*, I am still sticking to my lappie to watch SMAP and 2TOP stuff . Accidentally found a clip, and then the mouse refuses to stop clicking T_T Yappaiiiiiiiii
How can I go to my Japanese class this morning??? O_O Nooooooooo!

this is super cute :))

If sensei is SMAP's fan,  I can get a good excuse for me. But  it's unfortunate that , sensei is ... Matsumoto Jun's fan LOOOL

lượn lờ

Thiệt bùn cười . Qua Nhật rồi thì lại chán SMAP lolz . Chẳng phải chán SMAP mà là chán cái sự rong ruổi . Dạo này chỉ muốn trôi lững lờ. Chẳng biết nên đi về đâu và về đâu. Lolz
Vẫn háo hức xem SMAP, vẫn xem dorama của Kimura, vẫn cười hạnh phúc khi thấy SMAP ở banner, magazine cover. Nhưng ... chẳng hiểu sao, cuộc sống chộn rộn ở Nhật khiến mình phân tâm nhiều thứ.

Cố gắng dành giu75r nhưng cũng thua, ko đc đi cái FanxFun meeting. Cũng hăng máu định  mua vé ở trên auction này nọ lắm, nhưng rồi chợt chán giữa đường, đành bỏ cuộc. Cũng đã cố rồi mà ko đc. Cũng mệt rồi. Thôi thì vẫn yêu SMAP, nhưng chẳng đến xem đc các anh vậy. Thấy cuộc chiến giành vé khốc liệt vậy, chứng tỏ các anh vẫn đc yêu mến, cũng vui rồi.
Hôm nay vào smap forum, comment 1 cái là thấy anh Kimura smirk nhiều trong cac 1 drama. Thiệt tình, bản thân mình thỉnh thoảng ko thể hiểu đc dụng ý của Captain khi Captain cười kiểu nhếch mép đấy. Chắc  khả năng xem phim của mình kém quá. Các bạn lao vào comment cho 1 đống để dạy dỗ cái sự yếu kém lolz. Đọc thấy mình shallow quá nhỉ =))=)) Cũng chán luôn, chẳng muốn vào forum nữa.

Haiz, chắc bây giờ phải thực sự đi tìm job để làm thôi vậy. Ko có đc play around nua~

chủ nhật là 1 ngày nằm dài

Hom nay lân la vào Japanest de coi fansub movies ve` down :P Hom qua coi cái phim Khu vườn trên không, ko biết nói sao, mixed feelings quá đi. Cảm giác lạ lùng ghe cơ. Anyway, ngồi tìm phim thì thấy Japanest sub drama Long Vacation, drama mình thích nhất từ trước tới giờ <3 Đọc comment của các bạn mà dễ thương gì đâu. Rất tiếc, mình timing kém., cuộc vui tàn thì mình mới dzô lolzzz. Càng đọc long vacation, càng muốn xem lại, xem bản vietsub í. :X Càng đọc càng thích Tomoko với Kimura. =)) Mà Kimura với Nakai là fanboys của chị Tomoko thiệt mà :P Thôi đi chợ mua đồ, hôm nay quyết tâm mua natto về an thử xem thế nào :)) xong rồi học bài để 9h còn coi Kimura tren TBS nữa. Hôm nay Antarcia chiếu SP tập đầu tiên. Lạy trời lạy phật, drama này dung` thê thảm như Moon Lovers :D
Lúc nào sẽ ngồi viết về long vacation la la la~:D
So, it has been 1 week since the day I arrived in Tokyo. I love Tokyo:) . One of things that get me love Tokyo is that I can see SMAP everyday. I am happy that SMAP is really and still famous in Japan, although I know that many Japanese have grown bored with SMAP :(. It's sad but true. Everyone knows SMAP. SMAP appears in their everyday for 20 years. Some pp said that SMAP is too familiar to them, therefore, they want something new, fresh.  Many people switch to other younger JE boysJ, some switch to K-pop (K-pop is now a trend in Japan -_=).

Tokyo~~~Collapse )

Let it be or Gambatte?

Now, I feel like lost again... I am getting lost in the maze of social relationship. Today is the first day of orientation in Sophia, Tokyo. However, the orientation was canceled due to the typhoon ... NICE!!! I saw some exchange students there. Just feel so weird that people gathered in group and talked a lot while I stood there alone.  I felt like a fish out of water. I am not good at opening the small talks like Western pp. T_T Nearly all exchanges are western for sure. IDK. Feel so hopeless. I start to doubt my major is suitable for me or not. How can I will work in biz when I am too scared to talk with strangers like that. T_T
Feel lost.
PP talk. PP ask facebook. PP add facebook . They thought I'm Japanese... and they were suprised that my home uni is in Finland lol. Whatsover. I don't care. I feel happy coming back to my room, watching stuff about SMAP. I feel genki when turning on the TV, seeing sth related to SMAP. <3 That's good for me. I know that my exchange term will be days of being alone again. I am not good at the socialization stuff of Western. I miss my Kor friends in Fin , Yuna, Ji In, sunnil <3 Really miss Yuna, one of friends I feel really comfortable with. Anyway, let it be <3.

PS: Taifuu is super hontonni crazy. Please don't have earthquake or sth in the middle of taifuu O_o.

Tokyo e ikimasu ~ ~

Only two days left till the flight to Tokyo. phew phew. My packing has not finished yet.

Nervous. ... YES
Excited ........ YES I can see a lot of wonderful things in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka), SMAP posters in big streets, Kimura Takuya's poster on supermarket, on TV. I can watch SMAPxSMAP on TV everyweek (though i will have to fight with other tenants lol), I can watch Kimura's upcoming drama everyweek too, which can increase the viewer rating by apprx, only  0.000000000001% lol :D:D:D But still, :D
Sad .............. YES , i gonna miss Finland, and my boyfriend :(

I will have to handle a crazy transportation in the next week, thinking crazily about the currency and price. However, everything will be okay.:) Gambatte! Keep going!

SMAP SMAP- STAY together , ne!:)

Well, it's not late to say happy birthday , right?:) Happy birthday SMAP. You are 20 years old now, big boy :X. And the man who build you have been strong, powerful, mature men.  I am so touched when watching Smappies' tribute clips about SMAP. I have just known about them for 1 year while they are already 20 years. But it doesn't matter. I will keep following them in the next 20 years, so I can once again proudly shout out loud "Happy 40 years anniversary SMAP" :)

Thanks to SMAP, I have learned many things about life, about myself. I have found what I love, what kindles my passion for future:). My love for Japan grows more and more thanks to SMAP. I wish SMAP will STAY together and all members feel happy about their lives and their choices.
I wish Kimura-kun is happy with his choices, his career, his awesome acting, his family:). And I wish Nakai-kun, Shingo baby, Goro-chan and Tsuyoshi-san will find their loves this year :D:D:D. Well, I always want Nakai-kun has a girl in his house to take good care of him, to share with him everything:P. Always worry about his being alone :(