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Happy birthday, our SHINGO babyyyyy!!!!!!! I wish you will  always be genki and full of happiness :) You never fail to make me hang smile to ears. Your bright smile is the cutest ever. Although you are the baby in SMAP, you are always a mature , grown-up man:)
Your talent at drawing is something that no one in SMAP can beat haha (my personal opinion). Your drawings are always cute and lively like your smiles. I love the way you lead your life. A happy, crazy Shingo on screen, but off screen, you are like a silent boy who loves drawing in your own corner. More, please don't hit Tsu too much :P

YES. Oishi moments is always thing that I never get bored at.  Shingo, how many characters you have pulled off during oishi moments? A really big number, deshou ne? ^ ^ Omedetou otanjoubi , our BABY

PS: I cut the short clip from the video which is originally not mine! These oishi moments belong to SxS 2005. I love Shingo in Winter Sotana, when he threw the snow ball, I totally cracked up :))