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Livejournal, my lovely diary, sashiburiii!:) I have been so lazy that I can't have any thoughts for writing. Such a lazy bum lolz. 

I'm such a slower in terns of high-tech. While people are so fascinated by smartphones, tablets, I choose to remain as quite as ever. Well, I'm not against modernity or something , but the point is I'm too lazy to find out ways to get adapt to the new technology. And the second point is that I'm too poor to afford those fancy things, lolz. I would rather spend my money on food and smap stuff whoowhoo.
Anyway, I love reading books, and I used to comment that I only preferred physical books because I wanted to touch the paper, feel the weight, get the smell of books etc. I wanted to see books piled up when I was reading. However, NOW, my opinion has changed totally. You can call me hypocrite or whatever, but I have to admit that I have fallen in love with Kindle >.<

Reading books especially English books in Vietnam is so costly. It's not that easy like when I was in Finland, that I could borrow any book from the public library with only 50cent. Sigh. Here, English books are expensive and not profound enough.There, I found Kindle as a way to solve my problem. And hell yeah, I love Kindle. The interface is like the paperback, and it is really like the paperback as you have to turn the light when reading in the dark haha. Kindle basic doesn't change the lighting. Lol (FYI my Kindle is the cheapest one). Kindle is convenient, thin, light, long-lasting battery and more, so I can read e-books more easily than I expected. Instead of bearing the shipping cost, I can get the ebook online or on amazon. Well, actually, Kindle has some problems that physical books don't, and the feelings when reading e-books can't still reach the feelings I get from physical books, but I have to accept it :D 'trong thoi ki kinh te kho khan lolz" 

Movie: I'm watching only series Priceless. It has been good so far :) the chemistry between Karina and Captain exceeds my expectation: not awkward and not too 'forced' romantic ^^. And there's one movie I want to introduce as I watched it last month. The movie was a Japanese movie yet filmed in Helsinki Finland. Watching the movie made me miss Finland , Denmark and Europe so much. Sigh.~

Apr. 30th, 2012

Personally, I prefer this accompanying song "Keep my love' to 'Sakasama no sora ' :X May be this song is too pop-ish , but I love this. Love Shingo's voice in this song . 

Never expect this , Gin chan

SAD, so sad. Honestly, I'm sad. 
This morning I read news. When I saw the news (hopefully, it's not real), my jaw  dropped. GINTAMA anime series will be ended this month. End, not hiatus >.< Gin-chan!! Every episode makes me laugh till tears. Although the most famous anime in Japan now is One Piece, and  Captain and  all my friends love One Piece, I still prefer Gintama:/  I am not much a hard-core fan of anime, but this anime is seriously my favorite anime , along with Maruko-chan, and Studio Ghibli anime =_= 

Will miss this a lot. 

Please come back soon. 



Wow, it blew me away. Yes, seriously. What a book! "Lolita' written by Vladimir Nakobov in 1955. Well, the word Lolita made me hesitate a little bit when picking up the book. The word lolita kinda rang bell to me, yes, it's about pedophile.  It's not gothic lolita trend !:)) Like this . No, no! (but I like Kamikaze movie a lot btw:D)

 This is one of the most praised books, also among the most controversial books. Obviously, this topic always stirs huge boom of sensation. Actually, I do not pay much attention to the topic of pedophile; only watching some news about sexual offending committed by pedophiles. I feel scared and disgusted when reading and watching those kinds of news. I always stayed away from books related to that topic. However, some people recommended this book heartily, then um, ok, I gave this book a shot.  After reading the book, I have mixed feelings. 


Trivia of the day

[Sakai spun around and took a single round fruit from the basket on top of the TV, a set that was only there for visitors. Kumi wouldn't be watching TV anymore. She would never again get to see Nakai, her favorite member of Smap.
    Hard Luck, Banana Yoshimoto
    Hardboiled and Hard Luck

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Long time ago, I had only one diary , well, I mean paper-diary, not blog. I wrote anything silly, shocking or depressing on that notebook. I called my diary "pig-chan' lol. But everything is only in one book
Now, I don't use diary anymore. Well, on positive side, I am saving papers for the planet, right?:) Now I use thing that people called 'internet blog'. Everyone can have that little home and do anything they want. I have so many little homes by the way, and it seems that all my blogs are used for specific  functions. 

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90s Japanese doramas' theme songs

Classic:) I have strong feelings for 90s Japanese dorama. Classic, a little bit romantic, yet still real and appealing.
I know I should not nail too much on stuff from old days, but it can't be helped. There are many good dramas in 2000s. Still,  I love things which held the nostalgic flavors. It is like my fetish ; I love anything which makes me feel 'nostalgic' lolz. That's the reason why doramas from 90s and sometimes 80s intrigue me a lot :) In the next 10 years or 20 years, may be I will like things from this current time (like AKB48, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber -gosh, hope not lolz).
This clip has quite many theme songs of 90s dorama that I love:) Btw, there are some SMAP's doramas in this clip as well. It reminds me about how amazingly long SMAP has worked in the J-entertainment.

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SMAP every day ~~

P-chan Pchan Pchan never fails to get epic LOLzzzz this is long time ago , but as cute as everr :)) When P chan 'mum muhh" , i couldn't help rollinggg with laugh and tears.

I am studying Japanese sign language, that's why, I have to say that Pchan's sign language is really really interesting *haha* ShinTaku is adorable >.<

Koizora- Sky of love

Warning: spoilers, bias, giọng văn sến vì người viết sau khi xem phim này xong bị mood ‘sến’ =))

Koizora (sky of love )  tiếng vit dch sao cho hay thì mình chu. Kh năng dch thut ca mình rt hn hp. Vô tình xem phim này online thôi. Phim th loi tình yêu trong sáng. Xin th là th loi tình yêu trong sáng, nh nhàng như gió thi, du dàng như mây bay không phi là th loi cho mình :)) Th loi mình thích là không thì máu me vung vãi, hay rùng rn, hay kiu tâm lý khùng khùng, hoc tưng tng khùng khùng cười lăn cười bò. Nếu phim tình cm thì cũng phi vui, nhí nh bùn cưi. phim nầy thuộc mác dòng phim lãng mợn, manga, tình cảm học đường cấp 3 với 1 vài tình tiết vô lý=))
Thế nên tìm đến xem phim này ch thì xem, không kì vng gì c. :) Thế nhưng chng hiu sao, xem xong li thích vy. Ko phi thích chuyn tình trong sáng, mà là thích tính cách nhân vt trong truyn. Thích tt c các nhân vt:X. T vai chính cho đến vai ph.

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Happy birthday, our SHINGO babyyyyy!!!!!!! I wish you will  always be genki and full of happiness :) You never fail to make me hang smile to ears. Your bright smile is the cutest ever. Although you are the baby in SMAP, you are always a mature , grown-up man:)
Your talent at drawing is something that no one in SMAP can beat haha (my personal opinion). Your drawings are always cute and lively like your smiles. I love the way you lead your life. A happy, crazy Shingo on screen, but off screen, you are like a silent boy who loves drawing in your own corner. More, please don't hit Tsu too much :P

YES. Oishi moments is always thing that I never get bored at.  Shingo, how many characters you have pulled off during oishi moments? A really big number, deshou ne? ^ ^ Omedetou otanjoubi , our BABY

PS: I cut the short clip from the video which is originally not mine! These oishi moments belong to SxS 2005. I love Shingo in Winter Sotana, when he threw the snow ball, I totally cracked up :))